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Campbell's Latherking Hot Lather Machine (PCS)   #J-1201 Click for Pic.     $195.00
Please note these special comments regarding sales and returns of all Campbell Lather Machines: 
Carr Barber Supply is unable to accept any returns on Campbell
Latherking Hot Lather Machines.  Campbell Lather Machines should only be returned, prepaid, directly to the manufacturer, Morris-Flamingo, 1231 Sheridan St. Williamsport, PA  17701.  The manufacturer guarantees the product for one year (12 months) to be free of mechanical and electrical defects in material and workmanship, and is obligated to repair such defects during the guarantee period.  For additional information regarding the manufacturer's guarantee and/or proper use of your Campbell's Lather Machine, refer to the instructions included with your purchase, and speak with one of our sales representatives.
Campbell's Latherking Lather Machine Cleaner                     (8 oz.)   #J-1263 Click for Pic.         $4.00
Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream                                                (8 oz.)   #J-1267 Click for Pic.         $4.00
Gabel's Instant Liquid Lather Cream                                        (8 oz.)
**Excellent lather machine cream
    No alcohol/cleaner mixing required
    Runs clean, pure white, smells good
  Click for Pic.         $4.50

Campbell Latherking Lather Machine Breakdown

Campbell's Lather Machine Parts:    
                      Overfill Warning Label   #P-0035            $0.30 
                      Switch w/ Metal Nut    #P-0047          $10.40
                      Valve Guide    #P-0055            $1.70
                      Cord Clamp    #P-0056           $0.25
                      Rear Shield   #P-0058            $0.35
                      Rubber Packing    #P-0059            $0.35
                      Rubber Feet     #P-0071           $0.25
                      Feed Screw   #P-0074            $6.15
                      Plastic Lid – For Soap Cup   #P-0183           $1.25
                      Housing Screw    #P-0186            $0.25 
                      Cup Gasket   #P-0187            $3.75
                      Body Casting   #P-0188          $36.00
                      Lower Housing - Charcoal    #P-0195          $11.30
                      Upper Housing   #P-0196            $9.50 
                      Heating Assembly   #P-0205           $5.10
                      Switch Gasket   #P-0210            $0.45
                      Decorative Band - Adhesive   #P-0211           $0.75
                      Push Knob - Charcoal   #P-0212           $3.75
                      PCS Motor   #P-0221          $93.65
                      Valve Assembly Stem – Steel   #P-0222           $8.25
                      Insulator Box    #P-0241            $1.30 
                      Cord Set   #P-0268            $5.95
                      Seal (Rubber) – For Valve Hole     #P-0291           $0.40
                      Plastic Soap Cup (made of Cycolac plastic)   #P-0447           $3.00
                      Metal Washer - Valve/Cup Washer    #P-0462            $0.75 



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